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Spring is here! Well, it is technically officially spring, but we must love how persistent Canadian winters are, just not wanting to let us go. While we sit in the awkward in between seasons phase, we thought it would be a great time to get a jump on our Spring-cleaning list. We know, nobody truly enjoys Spring cleaning, but just think of how nice it feels to sit in a fresh home when it’s all done. Let’s get right into it, shall we?

First things first, we want to go over the checklist in case we have first timers that might be looking for a hand in what needs to get done. Or hey, it’s been a whole year we’re a little rusty ourselves, we could probably use a refresher too just to make sure we don’t miss anything.

Every Room

  • Wash baseboards, windowsills, doors, & walls
  • Vacuum & wash vents
  • Wash/dust any window treatments you have (i.e., drapes, blinds, shutters)
  • Wash windows inside & out
  • Dust & shine overhead lights, replacing any burnt light bulbs along the way
  • Dust and/or vacuum light fixtures & lamp shades
  • Vacuum and/or mop all flooring
  • If you come across items that have not been used in the past year (*clears throat* the stuff shoved under beds never to be seen again), do a purge


  • Wash all bedding, including pillows – yes, the throw pillows too
  • Flip mattress (if using pillow top, rotate mattress)
  • Closet cleanout, donate the clothes that you do not wear anymore


  • Clean & disinfect tubs/showers
  • Wash bathmats
  • Wash and/or replace shower liners & shower curtains
  • Discard expired medications & beauty products


  • Clean out pantry
  • Wash kitchen cabinets
  • Deep clean oven
  • Get behind the fridge to vacuum & mop
  • Vacuum coils on fridge
  • Deep clean inside the fridge & wash the outside

Living Room

  • Dust & wash all mirrors, frames, & decorative items
  • Vacuum all upholstery
  • Wash all throw pillows & blankets
  • Dust & polish furniture
  • Vacuum & shampoo carpets


  • Change batteries in smoke & carbon monoxide detectors
  • Check expiration date on fire extinguisher
  • Sweep front & back decks
  • Organize & store all winter items (i.e., clothes, decorations)
  • Make sure your homes first aid kits are fully stocked

Yes, the list is quite extensive & lots of work. But instead of dreading the tasks when the nice weather finally arrives, we like to start the cleaning through the transition of seasons while we are still inside for the most part. Below are our favourite Spring-cleaning tips to help you tackle your home & get to the other side sane:

  1. Create a playlist – everything is better with a great playlist! Choose the fast-tempo, high energy playlists to keep you motivated.
  2. One room at a time – nothing is more overwhelming than trying to tackle a million things at once, which ultimately leaves us not wanting to do anything. We found that setting an order of what we want to tackle first helpful, for example, we want to dedicate 3 hours to cleaning one day, we choose to clean a bedroom, a bathroom, & the home office one at a time because we know that is manageable & realistic in that time frame.
  3. Declutter as you go – before you start cleaning a room, pinpoint items that can be discarded, then go through closets & cupboards for anything that you can donate.
  4. Think green – wanting to do your part for the environment? There are many eco-friendly & safe alternatives to regular cleaners that won’t clog your home with the smell of harsh chemical cleaners. Vinegar is a great substitute in the bathroom or kitchen, you can also combine it with baking soda & water for the deeper cleans. Wanting to add a hint of something scented still? Run the essential oil diffusers, or lighting candles afterwards always works for us!
  5. Don’t forget the filters – With Spring comes allergy season and replacing furnace & HVAC filters is one of the most overlooked parts of Spring cleaning. If you replace the standard filter with a more robust one with a higher rating that catches smaller particles will ensure your home is void of allergens, chemicals & even odors.

Well, we think that is all we have for now. May this Spring-cleaning season refresh, reset, & revive your home! Once it is all done there is truly no feeling quite like it in the world, for us we come out feeling like we are a whole new person. Don’t forget to open those windows when it gets a little warmer to add that fresh Spring air inside!

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