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Picture this, you’re taking an afternoon stroll through the neighbourhood, taking in each homes architecture & trying to figure out who may be inside based on the personality their home is giving – what stands out to you first as you look at these homes? Our eyes are drawn to the entryways, more specifically the front door as it can tells a type of story before even stepping inside. You can add so much character to your home by personalizing with front door colours. In this blog post we will explain why it is popular to paint your front door, tips to follow, and how to pick from the different paint colours available.

Why Should You Paint Your Front door?

There are a few reasons that we suggest that you paint your front door, they are:

  1. Personalization – If you live in an area where there are many houses, especially in newly developed areas, they can all blend together. Adding a splash of colour can make your home stand out against the rest and give those passing your home a sense of your personality without even entering.
  2. Large Change with Minimal Commitment – Breathe new life into your home without spends thousands of dollars for other exterior updates. If you really think about it, you’re only buying a couple cans of paint, and some buy a few additional accent pieces to decorate around their freshly painted front door.
  3. Increased Curb Appeal – As we are all visual beings, curb appeal is a major factor when people view your home, on the market or not. Make your home a showstopper in less than a day of work, it’s as easy as that!

Tips to Follow Through the Process

Before diving in there are a few pro tips we want to make sure you have tucked in your arsenal so that this truly is a quick process for you.

  • Purchase the Right Paint – First things first, when looking at paints make sure that the hues you want come in the right paint formula to prevent peeling and fading as it will be exposed to outdoor elements. Latex or acrylic formulated paints are good for exteriors as they provide weather-resistant coverage. Next think about your paints finish, exterior paints come in various finishes including matte, satin, and glosses. We opt for the semi-gloss that is more forgiving when flaws occur.
  • Take Your Paint Swatches Outside – Much like choosing a wall colour you will want to see what the shades will look like at different times of day. There is no use looking at them inside, tape the swatches to your door and watch it throughout the day to see how you like it.
  • Buy The Primer – No matter the material of your front door, you will need to use the primer before applying your paint colour.
  • Don’t Neglect Your Trim – You can have fun pairing a colour to coordinate with what you chose from the front door. You can go with traditional white, or make your door pop with a contrasting trim colour; rich brown tones can warm up cool-coloured door, or dark trim can help some door colours from fading into their surroundings.
  • Speak to your home’s style – Take a step back to evaluate your home’s style… you can choose a colour that compliments the style, or you can break the rules and use an unexpected colour to liven up the traditional façade.

What Paint Colour Is For You?

Now for the fun part, getting to pick out which colour to paint your front door! As we see it, there is two directions you can go: with a classic or be bold with an out of the box colour. Remember the front of your home tells your story before you guests enter.

The Classics

You can never go wrong with a classic. We’re talking about the neutral hues – browns, black, white, & greys, or a good deep red or navy-blue moment. But what could be some underlying characteristics associated with these colours you may ask? Here’s a few of them broken down:

Black – is the epitome of traditional elegance, a black front door looks good on every home style. It is commonly used for modern-style homes.

White – is a safe choice though reflects a fresh, airy feeling. Much like how spas are mostly painted in a white, you look at it and feel the beauty of simplicity & serenity.

Red – is known as a welcoming and has been long associated with gracious hospitality. In many countries it has different characteristics, though it usually is on homes of those who love to open their doors to surprise visitors.

Navy Blue – is one that typically portrays a conservative and well-ordered nature. Much like black doors, as certain sense of elegance unlays it’s facing.

Be Bold

When we say be bold, don’t be afraid, it does not have to be a bright or flashy colour. It is the colours that we have not seen on our own streets, in the movies, or even in the history books. These are paint colours to have fun with, for example, oranges, yellows, purples, & greens. Below are these colours underlying characteristics explained:

Orange – is anything-but-shy, you are “refreshing fun” found in the middle of the party living your best life. Orange front doors work well on modern or mid-century modern homes.

Yellow – is bright and inviting, much like a ray of sunshine. We see these with those who have bubbly personalities and are optimistic people.

Green – is traditionally associated with wealth, health, and safety. Use darker shade of green if you see yourself as someone of confident nature. Lighter shades of green we love using for those who are a bit more adventurous and love the outdoors.

Purple – is usually the colour of royalty, but this can change depending on the shade you use. Lighter shades suggest sophistication. Robust shade eminent that you’re not afraid of taking risks. Deep shades speak “rich”, whether wealthy or not you enjoy finer quality.

Whatever paint colour you choose, remember to accentuate it by styling around the rest of your entryway. If you do not end up liking the outcome, there’s no harm in giving it another go around either! Like we said before this is an inexpensive and minimal time-committed project compared to other updates, but it surely packs a punch with the end results. Maybe we will spot your gorgeous front door on our next stroll through the neighbourhood!