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Small Home Interior Design; Style Meets Functionality

Living in a smaller space can be frustrating at times. Small home interior design has its difficulties, we are no strangers to that fact. We do have some tips up our sleeves that to pass along for you to implement and start feeling comfortable in your space again. Through strategic furniture choices, learning to work with your floorplan, and placement techniques we can have your home go from crammed to comfy in no time. Come along to get all the ins and outs about small home interior design.

Common Small Home Interior Design Challenges to Avoid

Most challenges that are found in small homes are usually due to lack of space and/or an awkward floor plan. It is easy for your space to become overcrowded very quickly, forcing you to choose between storage and style. Often in smaller home we tend to purchase the wrong furniture that takes up too much of the floor space. Another common challenge we face when in smaller homes is that there can be a lack of storage and proper lighting. Do not let these few challenges discourage you from taking the leap into your own space. We have collected many tips along our professional career to share with you and ensure that you are going to fall in love with your own small home interior design.

Identify Your Interior Design Style

First thing is first, we need to determine your personal style. Take the time to define what kind of look you want. This will help you create a unified and cohesive atmosphere in your home. You should consider elements such as colour palette, textures, furniture styles, light fixtures, art, and accent pieces that reflect who you are. Be sure to make your home, your home – this is a space to make uniquely yours.

Decluttering As Much As Possible

In small homes, it can be a bit alarming how fast items can accumulate and take over the entirety of your space. That is not to say that you are going to have to live as a minimalist just because your home is smaller. You simply must be mindful of the items that you are bringing home, organizing your space so that you know where things are to go, and avoiding the blackhole that is a junk drawer. Look around at your belongings; what do you not use anymore, what does not bring you value in your life, and start to make room for things that are necessary in your life.

Lighting & Colour in Small Home Interior Design

Have you ever walked into a well-lit home and basked in its glory? We certainly have. In all interior design lighting & colour are always important, but they are even more important when working with small homes. Light is one of the most effective ways to create the appearance of a larger space and is a great way to create an inviting atmosphere. Natural light is always the preferred choice, but where there are areas without, light fixtures will do the trick. Bonus if you use hung light fixtures to free up valuable floor or table space. Now, when it comes to colour, we would like to opt for lighter shades. Although, we have seen dark colours in a bathroom make the space look larger as well. This is not just your paint colours – think about what you are choosing for the paint, your furniture, flooring, and any additional accent pieces.

Selecting Furniture

It is out with the big and clunky, and in with the sleek and functional furniture for small home interior design. Before purchasing any piece of furniture, you need to consider the size and purpose for each piece. Plan out how you intend to place each piece of furniture within your space because having too many pieces of furniture in one room can easily create an overcrowded feeling and scale is crucial. If you can find dual-purpose, that is where you will thrive in your design. Dual-purpose furniture could be an ottoman with storage inside, a entertainment console table that can also be a crate for your pup, or a sofa bunkbeds (it’s a thing), to name a few. Do your research because there is a piece of furniture out there that will solve a few of your small home interior design problems.

Creating Illusions

An interior designers have a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to making spaces appear larger than they are. One of the oldest tricks in the book is to place mirrors around your home. Not in a circus fun-house kind of way, if that is what you are thinking. Strategically placing a few mirrors throughout the entirety of your home will make each room feel a bit bigger as it tricks the brain into thinking that there is more space than there is, and it reflect the light that we worked on earlier throughout the room giving it an airy feel. Another trick to utilise is adding patterns into your design. They create a feeling of movement, which can make a room appear larger. For example, vertical stripes up a wall would make the wall appear taller than it is.

Small Homes Need Multipurpose Spaces

Being able to utilize spaces in your home for multiple purposes is always beneficial. It will maximize your floor plan and the flexibility of your home. Try giving your home office the option to be tucked away and turned into a guest bedroom for when guests come over. There are many other multipurpose opportunities to seize, keep it in mind when looking at your floorplan and searching for your furniture. Many items have the option to be folded away when needed.

What they say is true, all good things come in small packages. A smaller home can look much bigger if the interior design is cohesive. You may feel overwhelmed while trying to style your smaller home, but there are many solutions out there. Small home interior design can fully immerse within your vision, we just must think outside the box when putting it all together. Your space will be pleasing to the eye and still serve all your needs. If you need help with your small home interior design planning, we are always here to help. Send us a message, we would be honoured to have the opportunity to lend a hand. Happy styling!