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  • Buyers really notice the difference – in a National Survey of Realtors, it was found that 40% of buyers agents felt staging impacted the buyers’ view of the home.
  • It helps buyers see themselves in the home – 83% of buyers’ agents said it makes it easier for buyers to visualise themselves in the home.
  • Blame it on HGTV – 38% of Realtors surveyed said home-inspired TV shows affected the sales process so ensuring your home looks as good as Joanna Gaines’ is more crucial than ever.

fluffing pillows

like it's our job - because it kind of is

We have an in-house inventory of staging materials – from pillows to sofas to blankets and bedding – we have everything you need to make your house shine bright before it hits the market. 


We get asked this question often! We always include the staging when you list with Team Alldread. We want to ensure the best possible selling experience with each client, so if you list with Team Alldread – you get the staging for free!

Typically, we will meet to discuss what we will need to do to get your home ready for sale.This is called the staging consultation. At the staging consultation, I’ll walkthrough the home with you, and then make a list of items you to take care of – think: updates, repairs, furniture arrangements, paint colours & decorating style – then we work together to take the report into real life using my team of dedicated professionals to get the job done! We usually aim to check as many of the “to-dos” off the list as possible – but sometimes we know it just isn’t in the cards, and that’s okay! We work with all budgets and timelines and can accomodate as needed.

Nope! You can stay exactly where you are when the home is staged. While we can do a full stage on any vacant properties, we also know you can’t always move out of a house prior to selling. The only thing we ask is to be respectful of our pieces while they are in your home so the next home can enjoy them!

The short answer to that is – it depends! Often, there are great pieces in a home you already have that we can dress up with accessories and art, but sometimes, if the space calls for it, we bring in large pieces and may ask for some of your pieces to be packed up. We always say – you’re going to have to pack up anyways, why not start now?!

Whether it’s new paint, new flooring, new counters or just where to put your sofa, Kim’s personal input is always there…if you want it that is! We have been known to even help previous clients add a flair to their new properties after moving in because they liked their staged home so much!

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