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With April being Earth Month, we thought that this would be the perfect time to talk about how to introduce or further sustainability into your homes interior design. Especially since most of us like to bring a bit of new life into our homes during the season change after we finish our spring-cleaning checklist – p.s. if you need help with your checklist, check out our blog post from last month!

Let’s dive right into it, shall we? Some of you may want to better understand sustainability, so let’s talk a little about that first. Sustainability means meeting our needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. While it is a relatively new concept, it is important that we become more aware of the impact our daily lives have on the environment, keeping the health of our planet top of mind for our children’s children & so on.

By now, you are probably wondering ‘okay, so how can I do my part to incorporate eco-friendly & sustainable options into our lives?’, which is a great question. Below we have listed a few practices that you can implement into your re-design & their benefits.

Select Lighter Colours – when utilizing lighter paint colours into your design you be able to save energy spent on lighting. Lighter or paler hues help to reflect more of the natural light into your space so that you are able to lower your use of artificial lighting, only as the sun is saying good night.

Source Materials That Are Eco-Friendly or              Eco-Conscious – this one may require you to dig into a bit of research, but it is very rewarding in the end. Seek out companies that are committed to sustainable interior design with the use of eco-friendly materials & ethical production practices. You are going to want the ones that have the environmentally conscious construction approach, with products that are built to last a lifetime to limit waste production.

Efficient Shower Heads & Faucets – Water has been a well talked about issue for a long time now, & if you are blessed to live in an area with clean water let’s not waste it. Updating your faucets & shower heads with more efficient models as today’s options can help you reduce your water use by up to 70%.

Look For Opportunities to Give Items New Life – In these days, we are no longer wanting products that we throw out after one use or one season. It has become a trend to upcycle or repurpose older yet still functioning objects instead of discarding them. Don’t think you are handy enough to complete one of those projects? Try sourcing from local vendors that do it for you!

Bring In Carpet – We all know Kim loves herself a good area rug, but did you know that they are not purely for decorative purposes? Yes, it’s true! Rugs & carpets act as thermal insulators while retaining up to 10% of a room’s heat. Plus, other great benefits like; reducing noise, & improving air quality. When choosing your rugs & carpets look for organically produced fabrications that are easy to clean.

Bring Literal Life Into Your Space – We’re talking about plants. Plants not only help boost your mental health but also act as natural air filters. They are a great source when it comes to the proper circulation of air to keep everything fresh.

We will leave you with this list for now, but feel free to reach out if you are looking for additional tips & tricks. See how many of these you can incorporate into your home & it’s design. Our planet is our home, we want to ensure that when we leave that it will still be a great home for the generations to come!