Shop with Us @ Structube + 5 Home Decor Takeaways for Spring 2020

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Spring is so close we can smell it! A few warmer days have us counting down the days until we can ditch the parkas and the mittens…and the boots…you know where I am going with this. Winter is not our favourite season – but we LOVE Spring! All the fresh growth, new blooms and everything just waking up after a long Winter’s nap – so why not wake up your house with some fresh home decor too?!

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How We’re Using Colours of the Year 2020 + Tips for Your Home

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Late last year, we were sitting in the office and the topic of colours of the year came up. As the design junkies that we are, we of course Googled them and we had a collective WTF moment. They’re a pretty big departure from the 2019 colours, which I would say are suuuper neutral and definitely in the wall category of use. HOWEVER – 2020 is full of much bolder and more colourful hues.