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There is no doubt that the world is full of people in need year-round, but we feel an extra need to provide support through the holidays. It makes our heart feel so happy & so full that we have it in our capabilities to try to help fill the needs for those around us. Although we have our go-to annual donations, there are various ways to give back during the holidays and we want to share them with you since you are here looking for new inspiration. Whether it’s through monetary donations, physical donations, or actions, you can be the one to lift someone’s spirits this holiday season.

Gift Your Time

There are many causes & programs that need more hands through the holidays. Make a child’s Christmas by answering their letter to Santa, many postal branches receive plenty of children’s wishes. Spend some time at your local nursing homes with those who don’t have families, nobody wants to be alone through the holidays & trust us that the residents always love the company. Volunteer at a shelter, this is one of the most common – they need help organizing warm clothing/toy drive donations, the food banks need help distributing care packages, and even animal shelters can use a hand walking the dogs.

Donate Any Monetary Value in Your Capabilities

Although this might not be in the budget for everyone, there are many places that you can make a monetary donation to help them get through the season. Or maybe there just aren’t enough hours in the day for you to donate your time before the new year. If it is in the budget and time is of the essence, think about spending a little on some of your favourite local organizations to help them with the great work they are already doing. Find a charity that is close to your heart and help provide a sense of holiday cheer.

Gift Handmade, New, Or Gently Used Items

See a good deal on toys or warm clothing, pick up a few items to give away. Or a sustainable option is to go through your own homes for items that are no longer use to you, they always say it will be someone else’s treasure. Toys, clothing, electronics, hygiene products, and food are some of the most needed items. Many organizations accept these gifts as they are always in need of them. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Children’s Hospitals – great place to send the toys & electronics your kids have outgrown.
  • Churches – majority put various care packages together to help those in need in their congregation & surrounding communities.
  • Homeless & Women’s Shelters – it’s suggested to call these organizations ahead of time to see which items they are in need of the most before gifting.
  • Foster Care & Orphanages – there are many needs that can be filled for those who will not have family to support them this year, these gifts are truly special.
  • Animal Shelters – yes, our furry friends need love too, help your local animal shelter by offering a donation of food, blankets, or animal toys.

Donate In a Friend’s Name

Did you know that you can make any of the above donations in a friend’s name? It’s a thoughtful gift for multiple parties; your friend, and whichever organization you give to.

Our favourites this time of year are hosting our Annual Mitten Tree in support of the Christmas Hamper Program run by St. Joseph’s Church & St. Vincent de Paul here in Bowmanville. Feel free to pop by our office at 106 Waverley Road, Bowmanville if you have any new or gently used warm clothing or accessories you would like to donate. Another favourite is donating to Children’s Miracle Network, our families were lucky enough to have been helped by them, so we like to pay it forward for the next families. Lastly, if you know us, we love our furry friends so wherever we can help them that always fills us with joy.

Giving back during the holidays is something that holds a special place in our hearts as we were once the ones that needed a bit of extra support. Whenever we have the opportunity to help someone get through though times we love to pay it back in hopes that it will make the difference it did for us. No matter how you choose to give back, you’ll be making a family happy this holiday season!