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Dad, you will always be our protector, our first superhero, one of our greatest supporters, & our little goof ball that can make us laugh no matter the situation. Dad is not always the biological father; dad is also the adoptive dads, guardians, uncles, grandfathers, friends, moms wearing both hats, & anyone else that has stepped up to be our little one’s role model. Father’s Day is fast approaching, we thought that we would share some of our ideas of how we can truly celebrate dad in a way he would appreciate.

Activities To Do With Dad

Whether you pick-up a physical gift to pair these activities with or not, we feel like there is nothing quite like giving the gift of some quality time. Below are some ideas that we hope to get your brain working on what your dad may enjoy & how you may be able to personalize to your own preferences.

Starting off with a classic, breakfast in bed. No matter if dad is a simple coffee guy or if he likes the whole nine yards with eggs, bacon, orange juice, fruits, & yogurt, it is never a bad idea to deliver it directly to him before he starts his day. Plus, there’s so many fun ways to present breakfast to put an extra big smile on his face; like smiley face pancakes or animal shaped fruits

Plan a picnic in the park. Picnics are another classic because you can have one almost anywhere, there’s always something to snack on, & you’re spending the day outside which is great in itself. Pack some lawn games or the kites, don’t forget the sunscreen, try to find a spot in the park with some shade, & just enjoy each other’s company.

For our handy dads, spend the day tackling the project you’ve been talking about. Let dad teach you a few new tricks, we all know how much they love sharing their knowledge. You could be fixing the sink, rebuilding an engine, growing your green thumb, building a treehouse, or anything else under the sun; it is quality time that you both will cherish for the rest of your lives.

Another classic is to plan a backyard BBQ party for dad. Get the whole family together, set up the games & snacks, throw the food on the BBQ for dad to watch over, & make some great memories of everyone enjoying themselves. There’s nothing else that screams summer & dad to us more than a good ole fashioned backyard BBQ.

Dad busy during the day? No problem! Surprise him with his own personal movie theater in the backyard with all his favourite movies. This one can be fun because the kids can personalize their seats, & they can pretend to be the movie theater workers behind the snack counter when giving dad the VIP experience. Turn on the projector, throw up a sheet, & let the night begin!

Feel free to pick one or two that you are drawn to & personalize it to what you know that dad will love. Or if you’re feeling really ambitious you could use them all to make an entire day of activities; although if your dad is anything like ours, he’s definitely going to need a nap at some point.

Inexpensive Gift Ideas

The most inexpensive gift will always be your time but if you would like to pair it with something, below are a few inexpensive gifts to give dad.

  • Culinary Dads: The cooking gear he hasn’t stopped talking about, or a new recipe book
  • Personal Gifts: A small journal filled with personal notes that explain what you love about dad
  • Sporty Dads: Anything with their favourite team/player on it
  • Musical Dads: Bluetooth/waterproof speakers for them to belt out their favourite tunes in the shower
  • Handy Dads: Buy them a new 10mm socket, we all know that it’s still missing – maybe add a peg board to keep the garage extra tidy
  • Funny Dads: Any pieces of clothing that have bad dad jokes on them, or if he has a signature line print it on a t-shirt for him so he can share it with the world
  • If all else fails, heading into a local makers shop is always a good option as they have a vast array of items to shop for & you may just happen upon the perfect gift dad will love

Whatever you decide to give dad this year, you cannot forget the most important part, the card. Since we love to personalize, check out this tutorial to make your own personalized Father’s Day Grill Card! It’s our turn to be the funny ones, so prepare your worst dad jokes to go inside

No matter what you do, or what go give, we want to make sure that whoever plays the role of dad in your life knows how cherished & loved they are on this special day! Dads wear many hats, & even if it doesn’t seem like it in the busy day-to-day life, they are always thinking about you & looking out for your best interests. Let’s all take the time to show dad he’s doing a great job! We love you, happy Father’s Day!