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How To Reuse Christmas Decorations for Your Winter Décor

We’re not going to lie, the transition from Christmas to plain winter can be bleak, especially since we live in a northern country. But as the hustle and bustle of the holiday season winds down, we want to ensure that we are keeping the magic alive with our winter décor. Which you can actually reuse some of your Christmas décor to save on money coming into the new year, since we all know that it’s not cheap so why not use it all season long.

The wintertime is quite beautiful if you forget about the freezing cold aspect. The shimmering fresh blankets of snow, nature’s greenery in the spotlight, the twinkle of the stars in the dark nights, and crackles of the fire coming from the woodstove. So why not bring that magic inside with your décor? Winter décor is about scaling back, rearranging, and bringing in warmth & texture.

Repurposing Your Christmas Décor

Obviously, you won’t want to use all your Christmas décor. But you can utilize the natural elements as they won’t look out of place year-round. Put away anything that screams “Merry Christmas”; i.e. ornaments, and anything red. Some items for you to consider leaving out to decorate with are:

  • Branches of greenery
  • Small artificial trees
  • Garlands – if they are neutral
  • Plain wreaths
  • Logs
  • Pinecones
  • Candles
  • Lanterns
  • Faux fur anything
  • Fuzzy pillows
  • String lights

If you want to leave your tree up past Christmas but are looking to clean up a bit, start by removing the ornaments. You can choose to leave the ribbon if you use it, as long as it is a neutral colour.

The next step would be to put away all the other coloured Christmas décor. If you have any white ceramics, glass décor, or natural items – leave them out. We suggest that you rearrange any of the items that you have set aside for your winter décor to create a refreshed space where you can. We know that garlands may not be able to move to different spaces in your home, but taking the smaller décor to other areas ensures that you won’t still have Christmas décor in your mind when looking at them through the winter months.

Although winter may be a drab month for most of us, but our favourite part about winter is that we get to stay cozy. From cozy clothing to our home décor – break out the fuzzy blankets and pillows because it’s hibernation time. Who doesn’t want to cozy up with a warm blanket or snuggle into a soft throw pillow on the cold winter days! Faux fur and cable knit are great options for winter accent pieces. They visually add a softness to the space. Bonus tip: add a familiar scent – we love to burn candles or make simmer pots, connect your senses this season to create your ultimate refuge.

While the weather outside may be dreadful, your winter décor can be the magic you’re craving. Just remember to look to nature as your inspiration and put your own personal twist of it in your home. ‘Tis the season of comfort; make the hearty foods, binge your watch lists, and enjoy natural beauty!