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5 Easy Fall Tablescapes

Let’s be real – who doesn’t want an excuse to decorate their house with some fun seasonal items, but it can be expen$ive – not fun. With Canadian Thanksgiving coming up this weekend, we wanted to make sure all the hosts and hostesses can look like they did the mostest without actually doing the mostest to make their table look amazing. Even though your turkey is probably the star of the show, we think adding some intentional decor can turn it up just a little. So we put together some fun tablescape ideas that take into consideration items you may have in your home plus a few seasonal staples to mix it up. We created 5 different tablescapes in the video below on a few types of tables to give you ideas you can use in your own home, but we’ve highlighted our two favourites here for you to use as #inspo for your own Thanksgiving tablescapes!

Tablescape 1: Autumn Blessings

The first scape we pulled together for a super Fall-y feeling got it self the name Autumn Blessings because it is a bounty of oranges, reds and natural Fall beauty.

You’ll need the following items to get this table started:

  • Slices of timber, or items of similar size (think: trivets!), 3 different heights
  • Fresh Fall Flowers like Sunflowers
  • 2-3 pillar candles (battery operated are amazing for keeping the pets and kiddos safe)
  • Mason Jar
  • Fairy Lights
  • Handful of pine cones, leaves or dried Chinese Lanterns (real or fake – your call)
  • 4 small pumpkins (again, go real or fake)

We added those items on top of the wood slices we had a friend cut in layers. The key to any tablescape is to create height variation which also creates visual interest for your guests. If you’re worried about it being too tall, just sit in the chairs at your table to see if you can see your seat neighbour. If not, make some adjustments like choosing less voluminous florals.

Tablescape 2: Rustic Harvest

This is all about the veritable bounty of the season we are so lucky to have! Kim took a little trip to a local farm market and grabbed gourds & mini pumpkins for the shoot and they were perfect for bringing that harvest vibe to the table. For about $10 we had tons of decor that you could use throughout your home AND on the table! Check your local farmers markets and pumpkin patches for some amazing Fall goodies (also – snacks. These places have the BEST snacks!)

Grab the following items for your tablescape:

  • Pillar Candles
  • Ornamental Corn
  • Pears
  • Apples
  • Mini Pumpkins
  • Pine Cones
  • Neutral Runner
  • Glass Hurricane
  • Hydrangeas
  • Fairy Lights

Hydrangeas are seriously a favourite at the Team, and the easiest way to bring outdoors in is to look around you. Luckily, Kim has hydrangeas! So we snipped them and put them in a vase we had on hand, and it looked awesome. Don’t be afraid to look into your backyard for ideas for your tablescapes.

Now that you’ve seen our faves, watch us put the ‘scapes together!

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