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How to Dress your Bed for Cold Weather

Okay, okay I hate to be that person BUT Winter is coming fast and furiously, which means the amount of time I want to spend under cosy blankets increases by about 300%. Seriously, you come home from work/school/life and nothing feels better than climbing into a pile of pillows and blankets, IMHO anyways. So this month, we are tackling the best ways to achieve a cosy, layered Pinterest bed of your dreams. Total disclaimer here: I LOVE THROW PILLOWS…like a lot, but it’s totally okay to use what you have got if you don’t want to spend your life savings on cushions. If you do have a bunch of throw pillows you don’t love, add a cute cushion cover or if you are feeling crafty, try this easy envelope throw pillow cover from Hey there, Home. So with that said, let’s talk about building your cosiest bedscape ever!

TIP #1: Play with Texture

Plenty of textures make this feminine bedroom even more luxe!

We loved how this look turned out! It totally illustrates how mixing textures pays off in your look. Even though the pillows are all different, the unifying blue palette makes the look come together in a snap. It’s all thanks to good ole’ texture.

Texture is the key to basically any design feeling balanced and visually interesting. Adding in some variation into your bed scheme will definitely check those boxes. You can vary your pillow texture by using a collection of different materials by trying velvet, faux fur, suede, cotton or linen in combination. Alternatively, the textural variation could come from the finishing of the pillow – with ruffles, buttons, trim, etcetera. Basically what your toddler would want on their texture board but pillows

TIP #2: Layers. Layers. Layers.

If texture is the jam in this proverbial bedding PB&J sandwich, layering is the peanut butter. You can’t do one without the other. The luxe, full look of hotel beds & magazine spreads often means layers of sheets, quilts, duvets, blankets, and throws. Looks amazing and you’ll be bundled into your bed in a total cocoon-state. However if you’re not down to by a whole new suite of bedding literally every season, start with a simple base you can use to dress up and down all year. Neutral sheets in greys and whites (if you’re feeling ballsy) make for the perfect base and a coverlet in a similar tone will make for the perfect base to layer all the blankets, duvets and throws your heart desires. This is especially perfect for the cooler weather coming, as you can add layers gradually as the mercury drops.

When we put this look together, we wanted to highlight how different types of “blankets” aka, anything you’re covering the bed in, can work together to achieve that hotel bed look we all wish we could have everyday. Either that, or the person to make your bed for you – that would be even nicer!

TIP #3: Size Matters

Remember when you were a kid and the class photo required you to shuffle your little selves around in height based orders so there was a nice array of smiling faces? Your bedscape needs the same thing. If you don’t vary height, just like in all aspects of design, it just won’t be that interesting okay? Don’t blame me, blame it on the principles of design. Put your Euro pillows in the back (large, square pillows typically about 26″ by 26″), then regular sleeping pillows, medium sized square pillows, and a small accent pillow for a super simple layered look. If you can see a little of each as you move toward the front of the bed, the more it will look like a soft pit to jump into at the end of a long day/super visually pleasing.

Do you make your bed? Or are you more of a roll-in and then roll-out person? Watch our video if you need some inspiration to make your bed the cosiest it can be!

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