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Fall Bucket List + Family Fun Ideas in Durham

Fall is upon us! Crunchy leaves underfoot, crisp air, pumpkin spice in the air and hearty soups in our bowls…basically all the things we love wrapped into one fantastic season. With Autumn reaching us in a weird (at the very least) year, and with us not be able to gather with everyone in our lives, we wanted to share some of the amazing family fun available to us right here in Durham, safely, with our Hello Fall Bucket List!

Pumpkins in a pumpkin patch for Fall Bucket List

Fun Ideas for Families in Durham

There’s so much fun to have right in our own backyard! We have farms, agri-tourism, small businesses, markets, wineries and conservation areas abound in our Region, and all of these wonderful businesses and places are the perfect way to enjoy the season, on your own or with friends and family! Check out our list of fall fun near you!


  • Visit a local winery and sample wines outdoors – There’s nothing better than sipping wine in the great outdoors! Great local wineries like Archibald Orchards or Rolling Grape are fantastic places to sample wine in Durham.
  • Decorate your porch – A porch really acts as a first impression for your home! Fall is the perfect time to spruce up your porch or front door look. We picked a wide variety of options to suit every style over on our Pinterest.
  • Pick-up a seasonal sweet treat – In our books, no day is complete without a sweet treat! Fall is full of yummy flavours like cinnamon, pumpkin and apple – and what better way to enjoy these flavours than some sweet treats! Pick up cinnamon sugar doughnuts (HOT! DOUGHNUTS!) at the Tyrone Mills, or order one of Krumb’s Breadery’s delicious pies or stop by Buddha Belly Bakery for gluten free goodies.
  • Build a DIY scarecrow – Porch Decor wouldn’t be complete without a scarecrow! Whether you put it in the garden or add to your porch display, making a DIY Scarecrow is a perfect activity to fill the afternoon. Check out this guide to making your own (not so scary) scarecrow.
  • Enjoy the Fall colours on a walk in nature – There’s so many awesome places to get in a Fall walk! Try the Orono Crown Lands, Enniskillen Conservation Area, Long Sault or Heber Down Conservation Area, or explore Durham’s Trails here.
  • Pick apples at a local orchard – There’s so many places to score fresh, in season apples in Durham! Here’s a great roundup of options, or try Maple Grove Orchards here in Bowmanville.
  • Pick and carve pumpkins – pick up a pumpkin at a local farm like Pingles Farm Market and take it home to decorate and carve! We found some unique, no-carve options over on our Pinterest as well.
  • Collect fallen leaves and pinecones for a Fall Scavenger Hunt – The best of Fall ends up, well, on the ground! What better way to ‘recycle’ these items than to have a nature scavenger hunt! Have the kids collect some items from the forest or a trail and maybe even make a collage with some of the items! Print this list out before your next walk!
Fall Bucket List Image socks and coffee with pumpkin and leaves and deck in background


  • Bake an Apple Pie – Nothing says Fall like pie! We love all kinds but Apple Pie is such a classic we had to add to the list – plus you can use the apples you picked yourself! Try this quick and easy pie recipe, or this classic, from scratch version.
  • Can your Summer Crops – we worked hard all Summer to grow cucumbers, peppers, berries, and more – so why not bring that fresh taste of your own literal backyard into Fall? Canning isn’t as hard as you might think – try this starter guide and then check out these great vintage canning recipes.
  • Try a new, hearty recipe, such as a homemade soup – At Team Alldread, we are homemade anything fans – however, homemade soup holds a most special place in our hearts! Our own weekly rotation favourite, Apple Cheddar Soup, is another great use for PYO apples. If soup isn’t your jam, try these hearty slow cooker recipes instead!
  • Make candy apples – Though we aren’t attending any Fall Fairs this year, we can still enjoy a familiar treat – Candy Apples! Opt for an easy DIY recipe that will have you dipping in no time!
  • Shop the final few farmers’ markets – Farmer’s Markets are one of the best places to get delicious, local fruits and veggies and that doesn’t have to stop with the changing seasons. Find a complete list of Durham Region’s Farmers’ Markets here.
  • Shop for Fall decor from a local maker – we LOVE shopping (it comes with the staging job okay!) and especially if it’s for home decor, so as much as we are staying home, we also want to shop the local makers that make Durham so fantastic! Try Picks and Giggles or Markets by Dream Day for a fantastic roundup of vendors from across the region.
  • Drink apple cider in a cosy sweater – Wherever you pick it up from (try one of the orchards we mentioned above) Apple Cider quite literally tastes like Fall! Why not sit down with a good book, a cosy sweater and enjoy some hot apple cider.
  • Try a new cosy hobby – Fall is the perfect time to try a new hobby, and this year is especially perfect for finding something new to occupy your time. Take this fun quiz about which hobby you should try next!
Fall Bucket List Ideas Durham Ontario

Download the printable fall fun bucket list so you can take the fun on the go, out into Durham Region!

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