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Gift Wrap Hacks + Sustainable Swaps

Wrap Up 2019 With Us!

Gift wrapping – you either love it or hate it. I may or may not be buried under a pile of ribbon for the next few weeks if you’re looking for me, so let’s say I’m somewhere in between there as we speak. So when we were talking about what we wanted to share this month, we landed on gift wrapping pretty quickly. Not to mention every time we are at Homesense I have to stop myself from nabbing all the super fancy/stunning/beautiful wrapping paper in sight!

Love for fancy wrapping paper aside, there are so many items you gift that don’t fit perfectly inside a box to wrap. Then you put it in a gift bag, hope the handles don’t snap and wish the bag was just thiiiiiis much wider. No? Just me? Well if you’re lucky enough not to have to have dealt with the #giftbagblues, I envy you. Another big thing we wanted to try was some gift wrap ideas that were a little more sustainable and eco conscious. Since any wrapping paper that is metallic, has glitter on it, or has a texture to it, is not recyclable, we wanted to think of ways you can still make your gifts pretty but also recyclable. For those of you feeling my pain, and those who want to give their gift game a step up this year we have all the tips you’ll need in this month’s video (conveniently watchable while you are wrestling the wrapping paper and ribbon slowly taking over my office your home)

Watch the video below or on our YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe for more from Team Alldread in the New Year!

Sending the most positive vibes and happiest of holidays your way this season & we look forward to more blog fun in 2020. Now off to take a long Winter’s nap…and by nap we mean a 5 minute break to before we continue the 12 Days of Christmas madness!

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