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4 Common Home Decor + Organization Problems in 2021 – Solved!

You don’t need us to tell you – your home is had to be a lot of things in the past year. Office, classroom, restaurant, laundromat, theatre…the list goes on. We know we have asked a lot of our homes in this time, and maybe it’s taken it a bit more of a beating than usual. From scuffed up trim to tired drapes, we know it can be hard to renovate when you literally can’t go elsewhere, so we wanted to share a few tips to work on smaller projects that will make your home feel fresh, but won’t take a month to complete, not that we don’t love a full on, walls-down reno – but there’s a time and a place! So without further ado, we’ll share some problems we find common (or have dealt with in our own homes!) and a simple solution!

PROBLEM 1: Not enough pantry storage space for all the bulk buys

SOLUTION: Organization! Adding baskets, bins and lazy susans has been the saving grace of small pantries for ever, even if that’s just one cupboard you cram things into every week (like me!). We try to stick to clear bins and stackable options, grouping by function of the product. This can help solve some of the putting it back in the right spot problems many of us have! Another awesome help has been a large rolling pantry cart we picked up from Amazon. It fits in garages, laundry closets or basements perfectly and is ideal for backstock of TP, Paper Towel and alllll the soap.

PROBLEM 2: Scuffed, dirty baseboards

SOLUTION: A few weeks back, we shared some awesome hacks for cleaning your baseboards, and we loved how it took dust and scuffs off the baseboards and really cleaned them up. However, sometimes we know your problems here go beyond just marks or scuffs, sometimes they are too nasty for even Mr. Clean, bring out the trim paint and do some touch ups. You’ll be surprised how far you can go with a little paint!

PROBLEM 3: Your space feels dark and cramped

SOLUTION: When we have to be in a space ALL THE TIME, making it feel like a place you’d like to be is important! Bringing in natural light is one of the best ways to make your space feel brighter, bigger and happier! If you have drapery that’s dark or heavy, add some sheers underneath to allow privacy but also light to come in. Lacking windows? Swap dark, bulky furniture for pieces that sit off the floor on legs, lighter woods and soft, light coloured accessories. Bringing in a few extra layers of lighting is helpful too. Last resort? Add a warm, light neutral on the walls with some (you guessed it) paint! Stay away from cold, cool whites as they can make your space feel clinical and harsh in the wrong light.

PROBLEM 4: Clutter is driving me crazy!

SOLUTION: This is a common problem in regular times, but when everyone has ‘stuff’ that never seems to make it to where it should be is always at home and in use, it’s hard to make it feel tidy. We live by 3 rules to keep the office and our homes (mostly!) the right way up; 1) Labels are the key if you have forgetful/multiple people in your household 2) Baskets, bins, boxes and hooks are easy and low maintenance ways to keep clutter at bay 3) Make a system and stick to it! Consistency is key when you’re trying to keep a sustainable clean routine.

What problems can we solve for your home next? Tell us in the comments or send us an email!

We know buying a home is a big deal. Trust it to Kim.

With 15 years of real estate experience under her belt, Kim knows how to handle questions, concerns or confusion when it comes to buying – and she loves helping first time buyers find their first home especially work through this unique journey for the first time.

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