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Shop with Us @ Structube + 5 Home Decor Takeaways for Spring 2020

Spring is so close we can smell it! A few warmer days have us counting down the days until we can ditch the parkas and the mittens…and the boots…you know where I am going with this. Winter is not our favourite season – but we LOVE Spring! All the fresh growth, new blooms and everything just waking up after a long Winter’s nap – so why not wake up your house with some fresh home decor too?!

With all this freshness happening around us, we couldn’t ignore the fact that Spring cleaning is usually on the to-do list and with that comes the opportunity to freshen up your home decor and interiors, too! So we went shopping (I KNOW! What. A. Chore. 😝) to one of Kim’s favourite spots to find affordable decor without the style compromise – Structube! Structube is seriously one of the best places to go right now to make sure you don’t break the bank when you are picking up trendy pieces. Not only are they trendy AF, but they also have a really good selection of highly functional pieces for your home. These are just a few layers to the awesome cake that is this brand – and that’s our unpaid opinion (though we would NOT be mad at a collab okay?!).

We filmed our shopping day so you can come along with us and see how Kim finds all the beautiful stuff we put into our clients’ homes through Ready, Set, Staged! You can watch that video at the end of this post or over on YouTube if you want to see our goofy selves in action. If you’re looking for our top home decor trends and takeaways for Spring 2020 – we have that too!

Home Decor Takeaways for Spring 2020

Multi Functional Pieces – ALWAYS!

Listen, if it’s not doing double duty this Spring/always and forever, it’s not for us. While we love (LOVE) cool statement pieces that make an impact, we also love when a piece’s impact is more practical in nature, too. We love anything that is able to act as a two in one, especially for our condo friends and small space homeowners when space is at a premium, because why choose between having a really cute space and having a functional space shouldn’t be a problem.

Go Big On the Walls

The old saying goes, “GO BIG OR GO HOME!” and this is the mood for Spring 2020. We want big, bold artwork, wall decor and mirrors on the walls. There is totally a time and place for petite artwork and decor, we agree with that for sure, but there is something about a huge canvas that commands your attention! It can also help define open spaces, like if your dining room/living room/kitchen are all open to each other.

Mix Up Metals

We have long been proponents of metal mixing in a space and it can really round out the style of the room when done correctly, of course. Whether you’re a brass, gold, nickel, galvanized steel or wrought iron gal or guy, bring it in to your space to create an awesome sense of dimension that will have your friends saying your space is #goals. If you are a little scared of having too many metals in a space, go matchy-matchy and pick a fave metal to use in a few spots around the room for perfect cohesion.

Bring Colour In

It feels like the Spring is when the colours come back to the Earth, so why not make it happen INside your home?! We are perpetual rich green fans, but we love any invitation to bring the outside in. Whether it is fresh wall art, an accent chair or a rug, make a statement this Spring with a beautiful piece for your home in an eye catching colour.

Rugs. Rugs. Rugs.

If you are leaving your floors bare – THAT IS A DISSERVICE TO YOUR HOME (and your toes)! Especially if you have hard floors, stop ignoring the opportunity to make your home cosier, more visually appealing and incorporating more texture. Rugs don’t have to be stand alone either – layering them can make for an even more eclectic and interesting feel to your space. The best thing about rugs is they come in all shapes and sizes and textures so there is something for every space and every taste.

KOTA None Jute Rug$339.00

MIRA None Wool Rug$439.00

Check out our latest video for these picks and more inspo from Kim!

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